The First Five Years

Why Early Childhood Matters
the First Five Years

Why Early Childhood Matters

With 90% of brain development occurring before the age of 5, we know the time to invest in young children is during the first five years of life. 

the First Five Years

Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything

Learn about the importance of early childhood development. 

Early Childhood

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) “literally get(s) under our skin and change(s) our physiology” resulting in lifelong costly consequences. Early childhood education is a timely preventive investment.

Healthy Experiences Build Brain Development

Brain Development

Children’s brain development is an ongoing process. Early experiences are the building blocks for healthy brain architecture.

Child Care

The Importance of Quality Child Care

Childcare is important on so many levels. It allows parents to feel comfortable knowing they have a trusted childcare provider. It also allows the parents the opportunity to maintain and grow their presence in the workforce. 


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